KAMPINI RECORDS PRESENTS: The ACME BRASS CO. We don’t do plumbing, plating, or polishing. We do music. Yeah, yeah, I know, there are hundreds of brass quintets and chamber music groups out there… what makes us so special? Well, we are an eight-piece group comprised of five of Metro NY’s top brass players (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, French horn, bass trombone) AND a three-piece jazz rhythm section (piano, bass, drums.) We swing like a big band, improvise like a jazz combo, play classical music like you’ve never heard it before, and write or arrange most of our own stuff. DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with the supermarket chain or Warner Bros. (though we wouldn’t mind it if they wanted to give us a gig!) We are also not in any way connected with the manufacturers of such products as: ACME Bird seed, ACME Earthquake pills, ACME Rocket Powered Roller Skates, or ACME Do-It-Yourself Tornado Kit. ACME means the peak, the highest level, the pinnacle. That’s where we are, and where we take our listeners. AS LONG AS YOU'RE HERE, CHECK OUT OUR CD!

Jazz greats mix it up with Santa Claus. Five brass players and a jazz rhythm section cross Christmas Classics with Classic Jazz.

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The ACME BRASS CO. - definitely NOT your father's brass quintet!